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My name is Schubert Pereira. I enjoy motorbiking around the UK and taking-in the beautiful British scenery. When I'm not biking, I enjoy playing with new web technologies like ASP.Net MVC, JQuery and HTML5.

I work as an ASP.Net Developer and have 5 year of experience. Since I have always worked in small teams and have been the youngest (age and experience wise), I've been fortunate enough to be bestowed with the reponsibility of bug fixing ... besides my normal duties. Because of this I have exposure to a lot of good code and not so good code and understand various ASP.Net CMSes like DotNetNuke, Sitecore, SharePoint and web service APIs like Quark Server, Google Mini, Live Maps (now Bing Maps) to name a few. I like to take lessons learnt and write safer and bug-free code in future projects. I feel most comfortable working on a C# ASP.Net or ASP.Net MVC project, using MS SQL Database to storing data (or XML like in this Blog).

My current motorbike is a Honda CBR600rr. So far I've done 17,000 miles (Dec 2010) since I purchased the bike in December 2008. The bike itself is very easy to ride and balance. If done correctly, I can get away with not having to touch my feet down at a red light. Its also quiet powerful, give it a little trottle and it will take off. A real pleasure to ride, for the daily communte to work and has that little extra power needed for a fun ride with my mates on the weekend. I would easily recommend the 600rr as an upgrade for anyone riding a 125cc bike. And I love heated grips, awesome for riding in the winter.

In Oct 2009, I decided to start work on a new web-based pet project, now available on the internet at It has been through 2 revisions so far. Interestingly enough, the first revision was built using ASP.Net MVC, the second was built use of ASP.Net MVC 2 and the third ... will make use of MVC 3, when it becomes available. A big thank you to everyone who provided feedback and impovement suggestion. Most of my technology blog posts are about things I've learn't from building and other code for fun projects.

This is me (holding the white helmet), out on the bike, enjoying a not too sunny day. Behind me is Chris and holding the camera is Julie, two good biker mates, who probably get through more miles in a month than I do in a year Cool


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