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Data visualisation with D3.js

Data, Data, Data ... it is everywhere. Most business have their own unique data sets, which decides the types of products they produce and their target markets. If they don't have any, they can easily acquire it directly by buying it from other businesses or indirectly by acquiring other businesses that do. Besides this, there are also lots of free and paid for dataset on the web. One site I like browsing for data sets is For an everyday person, a therometer that broadcast a timestamp and temperature within the house can be a viable data source and can prove to a valuable dataset to understand how their house heats up and cools down.

I've decided to pick a unique dataset to peer into, red wines from the north of Portugal, "Vinho Verde" wines. The data set is published here Seeing as the data set does not have vine names, I've created an extra column called Name and given each row a generic name like "'Wine ' + row number" for this insight. Also note that Quality is the only output variable here, all the others are input variables or wine attributes as I like to look at them.

Let start by looking at the vine attributes of the highest quality red wines:

And now the average vine attributes of the highest quality red wines:



Data is King ... no doubt here, but just having data isn't enought, neither is leaving it stagnant any good. Being able to see into it for trends and product development is essential. Which in today's world makes ... Data Visualisation is Queen

Technologies: d3.js

Published By: Schubert

Published On: 2018 July 22